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  1. Hi Vivian, I think your Empathik is very intriguing. Where are you in your development of the final prototype? Is it available in the marketplace?

    • Hi Donna, thank you for your interest, the prototype is only half functional. Due to the factor that this product may occur danger of falling for user, we need to be really careful with the structure and mechanism. But on the other hand we are also interesting in the target audience, who will find the product attractive, and what price range is acceptable for them, etc…. It’s would be great if you could share your thought about this product, and help us improve it!

  2. Hi Vivian, What is your latest update on the Empathik? This product is so needed in the market. I am keen to know if you are making progress towards a production model?

  3. Hi Vivian, I am very keen to purchase the Empathik. Its innovative trendy design makes all the difference to the drab, old fashioned disability looking type of rollator. At long last a mobility aid someone with a young mind can identify with! Please let me know when it is made available on the market I’d be the one to buy it.

    • Hi Bob, thank you for supporting, I’m sorry that Empathik is not in production yet, and I can’t promise any future possibility. But I really appreciated your esteem. Kind regards, Vivian

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