Empathik: encourage the mobility of seniors

EmpathiK, which is capable in transforming from supporting frame to flexible shopping trolley challenges the conventional tubular walking frame.

milan folio cover

folio page1 folio page2empathik issu-30

how to use empathik

bag design detail

bag pattern

product developmentfolio page3

16 thoughts on “Empathik: encourage the mobility of seniors

    • Hi There, this design concept is my school project, it’s not in production yet. I am currently looking into manufacture who might want to further develop this project. Thank you for showing support and appreciation

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  2. Well done fabulous -was trying to design one here as no-one has anything like this. I wish I had the money to help you invest …. if you need someone to test one let us know ! or to invest a tiny little !! but i suspect not enough !

    • Thank you for your support Jennifer, i appreciated very much. And Yes, The further production of this product will require quite a fortune, however, I am looking for collaboration factory or company which could do some further development on this potential Product. Will definitely keep you updated!

    • Thank you for your appreciation Wilca, I am surprised to hear that this product will be helpful for adult rehabilitation.
      Would be interesting to see how people like your daughter using this kind of product, and the problem that they are facing with the existing product. Please share your story with me that I could try to blend them with in the design.

  3. Dear Vivian, have you been able to find a company who is willing to work on your design to work towards production ? What type of factory are you looking for ? Could the frame be made out of aluminium ? Love to hear.

  4. Hi Vivian,
    Have you had any interest in production of this mobility aid? I’m looking for one that is stylish and not ‘old’ looking. Yours is the only one I could find online- it’s a shame no one has snapped this design up- it would make you a very rich lady!

    • Hi Gina, thank you for showing your love about this project! And yes, I am thinking of making it meet the market, however, it’s gonna be a long way to go. But thank you for motivating me to keep going with the work!

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